PLI-Production Linked Incentive Scheme for Telecom


1. PIB release dated 17.2.2021 please click here

2. PLI Scheme Notification dated 26.2.2021 please click here

3. Brief of scheme:

· Products listed in Annexure I. OFC and pure R&D is not covered

· Contract manufacturers allowed. In that case EMS company apply and gets PLI

· Investment minimum 10 crores for MSME and 100 crores for others.

· Land ,building not included

· Base year 2019-20. Scheme applicable from 1.4.2021

· Only manufacturing of products permitted.

· Minimum investment for MSME 10crpresand others 100 crores within four years

· PLI 7 to 4% for five years

· MSME 1% extra for first three years

· Incremental turnover minimum three times maximum 20 times of investment

4. Issues on MSME raised by some members
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5. Press Release for PLI Telecom Guidelines 3.6.2021 please click here

6. Guidelines for PLI Telecom 3.6.2021 please click here

7. DOT PPT on PLI before issue of Guidelines
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8. Amendment in PLI 18.6.2021 global definition
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9. Timelines in PLI Telecom
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PLI for Mobiles.

1. PLI Gazette 1.4. 2020 please click here

2. Guidelines please click here

3. FAQ please click here

4. Meity PPT for PLI please click here